Ryno Kennel in Birmingham

This week, I'm down visiting my family in Birmingham, Alabama and squeezing in a few sled dog presentations. With any luck, I'll convert a few more mushing fanatics down here in the South!

Two of our biggest fans, also known as the "Southeast Public Relations Team," are my Aunt Sally and Uncle Ralph. They organized an open house at their home as well as presentations at Mountain Brook Elementary (where I attended school through the 3rd grade) and Brookdale Senior Living where my Grandmother lives.

In addition to the presentations, several family members have traveled to Birmingham for an impromptu reunion including my brothers Nick and Tom (who have both spent several months in Alaska helping at the kennel); my parents Katy and Mike (who follow every race and often come to my 1000-mile races); and my Aunt Amy and Uncle Newman and their sons Aidan and Newman (a.k.a. Northeast Ryno Kennel Public Relations Team).

The point being: it takes a city to raise a kennel! Thank you so much to all my family and friends in Birmingham for giving me such a warm welcome and being part of the Ryno Kennel team!

Part of my presentation includes this video that gives a recap of the season. I hope you enjoy it!

Spring at Ryno Kennel

All our snow is melting in Two Rivers and spring is in the air! The last few days have been 50F, and the temperature barely reaches freezing at night. We're making sure to take advantage of the last bit of snow by going on camping trips and prepping for the summer and fall.

 Puppy Campout

Puppy Campout

A week ago, we took the puppies (Louie, Badger, Nala, Vanessa, Nile, Elmer, Flash, and Amelia) on their first camping trip! We were joined by our friends at Squid Acres (Paige and Cody) and their 15 puppies! One might think that with 23 puppies on their first sleepover, they'd stay up all night barking and playing, but the pups did really well! While they did wake us up at about 5:30 AM, the rest of the night they slept quietly and behaved themselves.

If you recall from an earlier post, we recently purchased a large parcel of land and are in the process of moving to the Flying Mushers Raceway compound! This spring, we're hauling in logs to prepare for building our cabins next fall. While it's definitely more efficient to haul the logs in by snowmachine, Tyler, Gunhild, and I spend a day hauling in logs by dog team. It was a blast! Plus, the dogs really enjoyed the heavy pulling, especially Rucu who is a total meathead (and adorable).

 Cooke isn't so little anymore!

Cooke isn't so little anymore!

Remember baby Cooke? Well he's not a baby anymore! Cooke is now seven months old and about to try out a harness for the first time! Of course, I don't think he'll ever out grow his cuddly nature- can you tell from the picture?

This last weekend, we took 24 adults out to the White Mountains for our final camping trip of the season. Accompanying us were 3 teams from Squid Acres, 2 teams from Douglas Fir Mushing, 1 team from Golden Heart Mushing, and 2 teams from Good Mushing. In total, we had 84 dogs camping at the cabin! Gunhild took some beautiful photos of the trip with her fancy camera, so I'll be sharing those photos soon!

Camping in the White Mountains

Denali Highway Expeditions

We've just finished our adventure trips on the Denali Highway, and we're already having withdrawals from the beautiful mountains and simplistic life of living on the trail!

The first trip, we explored the Alaska Range with Ryno Kennel dog sponsors, Melissa and Jeanne. After a windy first day when Melissa and Jeanne got to experience what mushing can be like on the coastal trail of the Iditarod, we were rewarded with crystal blue skies, milder temperatures, and mountains as far as the eye could see. We spent a couple of cozy nights in the Arctic Oven tent and two plush evenings at Maclaren Lodge. A perfect trip!

On the second trip, we joined forces with Smokin' Ace Kennels and brought nine MBA students from Columbia mushing on the Highway. All the students were originally from either Spain or Argentina, so the mushing experience was very new to them. Even with three days of intense wind where the students were blown off the trail, they finished the trip with big smiles and stories to tell their grandchildren.

All in all- the spring adventure season was a huge success, and we can't wait until next year! If you're interested in joining us on a trip, just send me an email at ryneolson@gmail.com, and we'll see if we can plan a trip just for you!

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