A huge thank you to all our Founders Members. You supported Ryno Kennel from our very first race and will always be on the short list of ORIGINAL Ryno Team Members. 

Ryno Sled Dog Kennel Founding Members


Katy and Mike Olson

SP Kennel

Ralph Yeilding

Rick and Sue Patton

Melissa Krahmer

Andy Pribonic

Lynne Danielson

Ryan O'Block

Louise Rathswohl

Harriet Yeilding

Happy the Sled Dog



Dale and Shelley Kaup

Maria Montana

Scott Smallwood

Wes and Wendy Brightman

Ann Stephenson

Newman and Aidan Yeilding

John Bean

Chris Swisher

Hisae Yamazaki

Stan Davidson

Rick and Charlie Swisher


Mike Gibney

Linda Toth

Laura Magruder

Lance and Felicia Patton

Becky and Alex Alexander

Joan Rhoades

Jeanne Seward-Wallberg

T Rose Vet Clinic

Jamie and Randy Foland

Joan and Dan Miller

Carolyn Smallwood

Heidi Phillips

Dan and Cate Krabacher

Kelly Mull

Pete and Lisa Turner

Jo Justesen

Tad Olson

Nicolle Hendrix

Deborah Davis

Mark Greene

Charlotte Frick

Peter Akmajian