Race Photos from Copper Basin and Two Rivers 100

Even though the races are over, here are some fun pictures from my Copper Basin 300 and Amanda's Two Rivers 100. You can never have too many doggie action shots!

Ham and Cartel leading the way.

Ham and Cartel leading the way.

Ham and Cartel




Below are photos taken by Amanda during the Two Rivers 100.

Maliko handling for Amanda

Amanda ready to rock!

Sometimes there's a miscommunication and the trail gets dozed!

The team reaching Cleary Summit.

The team waiting for the start.

Fenton resting in the fresh snowfall.

Night mushing.

The team running through an old burn.

Blitz says I'm ready!

Ewok camping.

Yukon Quest Drop Bags and Vet Checks

It's been a whirlwind at the kennel recently! Immediately following Copper Basin, we've been busy packing drop bags and getting our ducks in a row for the YUKON QUEST!!

Yesterday we loaded up a truck's worth of gear for the 1000-miles and dropped it off at Summit Logistics to be shipped out to the various checkpoints by all the incredible Yukon Quest volunteers. Each bag weighed around 40 lbs, and I sent out 38 bags, so that's 1,520 pounds of dog food, dog snacks, booties, runner plastic, gloves, neck gaitors, human food, vet kits, and anything else I might need on the race! Whew!

Today was the Yukon Quest vet checks. Eighteen dogs were thoroughly examined, and the final 14 will be selected prior to the race. The eighteen dogs taken to vet checks were Belle, Cartel, CJ, Coot, Drake, Drummer, Fenton, Fire, Ham, Jana, Katy, Kindi, Lefty, Niagra, Perm, Rucu, Supai, and Goblin. They all received an A+! Here are some photos from the vet checks taken by the incredible photographer Julien Schroder. He'll be following the Quest this year and posting pictures on the Yukon Quest Facebook page.

Fire and Gunhild

Ryne unloading Perm

Ryne unloading Perm

Jezzy saying vet checks are boring.

Coot loving the attention of the three vets!

Amanda Finishes the Two Rivers 100!

Amanda and team finished the Two Rivers 100 early this morning with smiles and wagging tails. Way to go!! After a nap, Amanda wrote up the following recap:

At 5:14 this morning after two approximately six hour long runs with a four hour rest in the middle the team and I crossed the finish line of the Two Rivers 100 in 6th place. At the finish line the dogs were still full of energy and excitement. They were barking, wagging their tails, jumping in the air and straining in their harnesses to go forward just like they'd done 16 hours earlier at the race start. During that 16 hours the dogs and I climbed Cleary summit, numerous large hills, crossed and traveled along rivers, creeks and miles and miles of scenic trail. We encountered soft and sometimes challenging trail conditions, long steep climbs and descents, other dog teams and numerous other challenges along the way. I couldn't be more be more pleased with this young teams performance. They traveled along steadily taking everything in stride and had a blast in the process. They climbed steep hills with out hesitation and seemingly tirelessly, and were very patient with me on my numerous stops to check and replace booties that had fallen off or worn out, and adjust coats and leggings. Some of the yearlings took turns in lead and the one who really stood out up front was Ewok. She charged down the trail with confidence and enthusiasm. And while still learning her commands she's well on her way to becoming an excellent lead dog. Ewok and CJ led the team for most of the second run.

The race trail took a little different route than the last time I ran the TR200(longer version of the 100 run at the same time) in 2014 so I got to see some new trail on both runs which is always fun and exciting as well as travel some familiar and enjoyable sections of trail.

The race was a complete success. We met all of our goals for this race which were to give the young dogs a fun, educational and positive first race and have a blast while doing it.
Here is one picture of the team during the first part of the race. I will upload more pictures sometime soon.

Thank you to Maliko for being a great handler and all of her help. Thank you to Ryne for the opportunity and dogs of course. And thank you to all of the race volunteers, fans and sponsors. With out you there would be no race.

Two Rivers 100

It's race time again!

Amanda with her frosty makeup on

Starting at noon, our good friend Amanda Gecas will be running a team of Ryno athletes in the Two Rivers 100. Who is on her team?

Frosty and Belle

CJ and Fenton

Drake and Coot

Wingman and Ewok

Chagga and Blitz

Wombat and Kindi

The race will begin at Chatanika Lodge then travel 43 miles over Cleary Summit to Two Rivers Lodge. Once there, Amanda and team will take a four hour break then run 50 miles around Two Rivers and the Chena River to finish at Pleasant Valley Store. For Wingman, Ewok, Chagga, Blitz, and Wombat, this will be their first ever race! A big thank you to Amanda for coming out to run the team, and to Maliko for handling for her! The youngsters couldn't have two more experienced coaches on their first race.

Amanda's Training Run Photo

Amanda's Training Run Photo

Amanda's Training Run Photo