Weekend Fun

This past weekend, Ryno Kennel ran in a fun community event organized by Abbie West and the Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association- The Funjor 5K Canicross! Derek ran the race with Jezzy (she pulled the whole time!), and I attached myself to our old dog, Crazy. I haven't spoken of Crazy much on the website because she joined Ryno Kennel late in life as a ten-year-old and had one litter of pups: Elmer and Bugs. Bugs lives with Riley Dyche. Elmer is the handsome red yearling that you all probably know! Prior to joining Ryno Kennel, Crazy lived with first Mitch Seavey and then Dallas Seavey, and she finished on Dallas's winning 2012 Iditarod Team. So even though Crazy has been in retirement for the past couple years, she made a showing at the Canicross event on Sunday and brought home two more gold medals! Not only did she help me to a first place finish, but she ran with my college friend Andrew in the 1K relay and helped earn another first place! This old gal still has it!


On Saturday and Sunday, I was also taking a class called Integrated Medicine for the Racing and Retired Sled Dog taught by Dr Kim Henneman DVM, DACVSMR. She discussed diet and nutrition, acupressure techniques, homeopathic remedies, and other topics relevant to caring for an extreme canine athlete. A big thank you to Jodi Bailey and Michelle Phillips for organizing this event!

Dr. Henneman demoing with MaiTai

Dr. Henneman demoing with MaiTai


Another Awesome Drone Video!

Peter made another drone video from our training run a couple days ago when there wasn't a cloud in the sky! Some of the footage was taken while running by the fields near the kennel including a peonies field owned by our friends, The Russells. Paul and Amanda Russell watched Jezzy and Cartel this summer!

I love how drones provide a unique view of the dog team that you don't get to see very often!

Drone Training Run

Most mornings, Ryno teams hit the trail in preparation for the upcoming races. My college friend and licensed drone pilot, Peter Bittner, joined us on our training run the other day and made this awesome drone video! Thanks Peter! He's visiting for one more week, so we hope to make another video or two before he leaves.

This season, Liz and I will be training the adults (athletes two-years-old and older), and Tyler will be focusing on the yearlings. Liz is signed up to run a second team in the Copper Basin, and Tyler is on the waitlist for the Quest 300. It's going to be an exciting season!



This last week, we've had an army to help crank out the dog yard platforms, and we're making great progress! Rick Patton, Derek's dad, has been visiting for the past week and put countless hours in at the property. Liz Schell, who will be helping at the kennel this winter, also arrived last week and received a crash course in fall training and platform construction. So with the help of Rick, Liz, and Tyler, the platforms are close to completion! Derek and I are pumped!

What is next? We still have to finish the third platform (should take half a day once the lumber arrives), then paint two of the platforms (assuming the weather will allow it), then pound 48 posts. It's so close!

After the completion of the platforms, we'll get rolling on the septic, well, and decking for the cabins. Oh, and the dogs are looking fantastic on their training runs!

Rick and Liz staining the platform.

Rick and Liz staining the platform.