Yukon Quest 2017- A couple videos

I haven't had time yet to write a race synopsis, but I know everyone is craving more news now that the Yukon Quest is over! Here are a couple videos to hold you over until I can get a more complete blog written. The first video was made by the Yukon Quest media team. About halfway through the video, you'll see footage of my team cresting Eagle Summit. Right at the saddle, we hit 40 mph winds (or so I'm guessing. I not entirely sure how fast the winds were, but I'd equate it to sticking my head out of a car window and trying to breath while going 40 or 50 mph). Lefty and Goblin bulldozed ahead, and the entire team was incredible!

The second video is a short GoPro clip from the trail right before we started our descent into Dawson. It was an incredible sunrise. I hope you enjoy!