Denali Highway Expeditions

We've just finished our adventure trips on the Denali Highway, and we're already having withdrawals from the beautiful mountains and simplistic life of living on the trail!

The first trip, we explored the Alaska Range with Ryno Kennel dog sponsors, Melissa and Jeanne. After a windy first day when Melissa and Jeanne got to experience what mushing can be like on the coastal trail of the Iditarod, we were rewarded with crystal blue skies, milder temperatures, and mountains as far as the eye could see. We spent a couple of cozy nights in the Arctic Oven tent and two plush evenings at Maclaren Lodge. A perfect trip!

On the second trip, we joined forces with Smokin' Ace Kennels and brought nine MBA students from Columbia mushing on the Highway. All the students were originally from either Spain or Argentina, so the mushing experience was very new to them. Even with three days of intense wind where the students were blown off the trail, they finished the trip with big smiles and stories to tell their grandchildren.

All in all- the spring adventure season was a huge success, and we can't wait until next year! If you're interested in joining us on a trip, just send me an email at, and we'll see if we can plan a trip just for you!

Perm and Boone