Prepping for Races

One of the last runs before Q300

I apologize for the radio silence this last week, but life has been busy at Ryno Kennel! The most immediate event is the Quest 300 beginning Saturday at 3:00 PM. The Quest 300 runs in conjunction with the 1000-mile Yukon Quest, which starts at 11:00 AM on Saturday. For the Quest 300, we'll follow the 1000-milers for the first 200 miles from Fairbanks to Two Rivers to Mile 101 to Central and to Circle, then we'll turn around and head back to finish in Central.  Cell service and internet connection are pretty much nonexistent after the Two Rivers checkpoint, so our updates will be few; however, my incredible mom will be doing her best to update everyone following the blog. Tessa will also be posting on our Facebook page- Ryno Sled Dog Kennel- as often as possible with pictures and short video.  On the Yukon Quest, Quest 300 page ( , you can follow our trackers.  We're super excited to be participating in our hometown Fairbanks race! Check back on Saturday for the final lineups for the two Ryno Kennel Teams!

In addition to preparing for the Quest 300, Iditarod Drop Bags are due February 15th, so the Ryno Crew has been busy cutting meat, making meals, bagging kibble, bundling booties, labeling drop bags, and the multitudes of other tasks it takes to prepare for a 1000-mile race. A HUGE thank you to Tessa Butterfield (chef, bootier, bagger and labler extraordinaire), Maliko Ubl (precision meat butcher, dog coach, bagger expert) and Amanda Gecas (distinguished chef and dog trainer). You ladies have made a normally tedious, overwhelming task into a not only doable, but dare I production. THANK YOU!!