Today Begins the Quest 300!

Ryne is #8 and Maliko is #13

At 3:21 today Ryne and Team will leave #8 (wearing bib #58) for the Quest 300 Sled Dog Race! Maliko and Team will be the 13th team leaving at 3:36 wearing bib #63. The team lineups are as follows-

Ryne's Team- Fire and Cartel, Ham and Katy, Lefty and Perm, Kindi and Supai, Rucu and Jana, Drummer and Drake

Maliko's Team- Goblin and Niagra, Derby and Pirate, Belle and Fenton, Sally and Charley, Brant and CJ, Eider and Coot

You'll notice a few changes to the team lineups from Copper Basin with Lefty and Drake (both two years old) bumping up to the "A" squad. Both youngsters have been doing fantastically well in training and earned a chance to strut their stuff with the big dogs.

Fenton at Vet Checks

We have a few Ryno Recruits joining the ranks for the Quest 300. You'll probably recognize the four athletes from Boundary Sled Dog Kennel (good friend Amanda Gecas) who have been with us for two seasons now. Jana, Charley, Drummer, and Pirate have been rock solid these past two seasons. In addition, Goblin will be joining Maliko's team from Sebastian Schnuelle's Blue Kennels. Goblin is a rockstar leader that will provide leadership and direction for Maliko's young team. Thank you to Sebastian for allowing Goblin to join us for the Quest 300!

There are only three adults not racing the Quest 300 from Ryno Kennel: Fez, Boone, and Amy. Fez's "bad" wrist from this summer's encounter with the porcupine flared up slightly after a long run a few days ago. She's sitting out the Quest 300 as a precaution so that hopefully she'll be 110% for the Iditarod. This will be the first Ryno Kennel race that Fez will not be with me (and finished). She will be DEARLY missed. Boone has appeared healthy ever since Copper Basin with the exception of a small bump on the top of her wrist. Though it caused her discomfort only one day, a veterinarian diagnosed the problem as a torn tendon, which takes months to heal. Torn tendons aren't necessarily painful, but given the amount of time it takes to heal properly and the fact that these dogs are extreme athletes, Boone is most likely out for the rest of the season. She'll rest up and be back stronger than ever next year! Amy...oh Amy. She's adorable, playful, super sweet, leads, and is one of my favorite dogs due to her cuddly personality, but after three years, I've finally accepted that Amy just isn't competitive. She's healthy and happy right now, but long miles just don't sound fun to her. Every dog has their own personality, and Adorable Amy would prefer not to race 300 miles.