Highlight on Wingman and Fish

Continuing our posts on the 2015 puppy class, let's highlight Wingman and Fish!

Wingman has very similar mannerisms to his mom Neptune (Fire's daughter and sister of Niagra and Ham). In other words, he makes weird noises, stands in awkward positions, and is just all-around adorably goofy. He's grown tall and leggy like his dad Koyuk from Matt Hall's Smokin' Ace Kennel and has an insatiable appetite.

Fish is the epitome of a "flying squirrel." Occasionally she likes to be cuddled, but more often that not she'd prefer to sprint around and get into everything. She's very smart and has unfortunately learned that she doesn't always have to come when she's called- playing loose in the yard is way more fun than getting a treat at her house. Due to her limitless energy, she's given puppy walkers the run around a couple of times. Of all the Card Game Pups, she is the least like Perm. Instead, Fish seems to take after dad Reef in appearance.

Wingman as a pup

Wingman at 6 months

Wingman at 6 months

Fish as a pup

Fish at 6 months