Happy Birthday Rucu, Kindi, and Supai!


I still can't believe it, but today Rucu, Kindi, and Supai turn three years old!

Why is this such a milestone?

The Ecuadorians were the very first litter born at Ryno Kennel. And not only that, but with the exception of Stormy, these three hellions are the original Ryno athletes. They were here before the dog yard, before the sleds, before everything.

Born while I was visiting my older brother Nick in Ecuador, they were given Quechua names: Supai (spirit/devil), Kindi (butterfly), and Rucu (wise old one). Or as Derek used to affectionately call them, Soupy, Candy, and Rico.

All three have entered every single race that Ryno Kennel has ever participated in, with Supai and Rucu finishing every one. As two-year-olds, all three finished the Yukon Quest with wagging tails. While they're not necessarily leaders, Rucu, Kindi, and Supai are core members of the Ryno Kennel team. Like their momma Scooter at SP Kennel, these three are always happy, eat everything in sight, and have unmatched enthusiasm for mushing.

To many more adventures, Happy Birthday Supai, Kindi, and Rucu.