Ted Walks with the Amys

Tyler and his unruly flock. 

This weekend, Ted had a fun walk with the Roberts family, Coot, Amy, Katy, Earl, Jezzy, and Stormy.

After finishing the Yukon Quest at the Meet the Mushers event, I met a young girl named Amy (not to be confused with Amy canine) who followed the Ryno Team throughout the entire Yukon Quest. Each student in her class followed one musher during the race, and she had selected the Ryno Team. 

Since she was a fan of the Ryno athletes, Amy and her family came to visit the kennel during the winter and meet the Team. The Ryno athletes loved the extra attention, so the Roberts family came back to visit this summer, and this time Ted joined in on the fun. Once again, Ted was a trooper as four kids and six dogs frolicked around him. I can't say Amy Canine and Katy Canine were as well behaved as they eagerly jumped up on everyone, looking for attention. Granted, who says sled dogs need house dog manners?