Girls to Mushers

Next year, we’re excited to be a part of a new trip offered through Last Frontier Mushing Co-op-

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Girls to Mushers!

FREE for 14-18 year olds!

Are you between the ages of 14-18 with the dream of becoming a musher or just simply love outdoor adventures? Come learn with the best! Here at the Last Frontier, we want to provide a once in a lifetime opportunity for FOUR young dog lovers to get fully hooked on mushing. This three day, two night adventure is designed specifically for young girls to get out of their comfort zone and build self-confidence for whatever challenge they tackle next. You’ll learn to mush your own team, camp in the Arctic, and basic wilderness skills.

Expedition Details

March 8th - March 10th 2020

Maximum of 4 mushers

The trip begins at the Last Frontier Mushing Co-op in Two Rivers, Alaska. Each gal will drive her own team of 4-5 dogs and will have the same canine athletes every day to establish a bond between musher and team. No prior mushing experience is necessary, but we do ask that you are active and relatively fit. You should be prepared and able to stand on the runners for 4-5 hours each day with intermittent stops for snacks, lunch and photo op's.


Our first night will be spent in Arctic Oven tents, while the second night, we’ll rough it and camp outdoors. Not to worry- we’ll teach everyone how to build a fire to stay toasty warm outside!


Day 1: Meet the crew at 11:00 AM at the Last Frontier Mushing Co-op. Partake in a Mushing School & lunch, then hit the trail and mush to our overnight camp in the Chena River Valley. Two mushers (that’s you gals!) will present a 5-10 minute presentation on a topic involving Alaska, nature, or canines.

Day 2: Mush 15-20 miles and arrive at our second campsite. Learn how to camp outside as well as wilderness survival skills. The two mushers who didn’t present the night before will give a 5-10 minute presentation on a topic involving Alaska, nature, or canines.

Day 3: Mush back to the Last Frontier Mushing Co-op, arriving at approximately 3:00 PM.

How to Sign Up

This trip is FREE. That’s right, completely free for four future mushers. To sign up, please write a 500 word letter telling us about yourself, where you’re from, prior dog experience, and how this trip could help you accomplish future goals. Be creative.

If selected, be prepared to create a 5-10 minute presentation to be given during the expedition. The presentation should be about an issue you’re passionate about involving Alaska, nature, or dogs.

Please attach the letter to an email and send it to Include a profile picture and a short biography of where you’re from, age, school grade, sports, hobbies, etc. This will be shared publicly when we announce our winners on September 1st. Please specify if you would like for this info to remain private.

*Air fare, lodging & transportation (to and from the Mushing Co-op) NOT INCLUDED.

Be Part of LFMC’s Girls to Mushers Initiative

Our three-day trips are valued at $2,000 per person. Would you like to help us make this trip possible by sponsoring a future musher spot? Any amount is greatly appreciated, whether it’s $20 or the full $2,000. Your contribution will not influence the final musher selection.