Walks Walks Walks!

Not too much to report from Team Ryno. We’ve just been walking! The yard is split up into 8-10 dog walking groups. We load the groups into the ATV trailer dog box, drive about 1/2 mile down the driveway, then let ‘em rip! The first few minutes are normally pure craziness as the dogs sprint around, yipping, and peeing on shrubs. Eventually, the group settles in for the walk and only the most high energy of the group continue to zoom around. Here are few videos from recent walks of the pups enjoying their summer outings.

Nick, Tom, Ryne

The dogs aren’t the only ones walking. My little brother walked at his graduation from Birmingham Southern College! YIP WOO!! Ok, it’s not really dog related, but we’re very excited for Tom, especially since that frees him up to come be a part of team Ryno next winter! That’s right! Tom is going to spend ALL winter at the kennel! We can’t wait.