Ryne and Team- 13th, Kalyn and Team- 21st!


At 12:12, Ryne and crew crossed the Copper Basin finish line in 13th place! The team was led by Cooke and Ewok, followed by Jana and Goblin, Rucu single, Fenton and Perm, Supai and Lefty, Yuker and Fish. They gobbled up fish snacks and a beef/kibble meal then curled up in their boxes to relax for the remainder of the afternoon.

Just a while later, Kalyn and team crossed at 4:30 with cheerful, spunky attitudes. Katy and Boone led the charge followed by Louie and Crunch, Uno and Badger, Nile, CJ and Amelia, Wombat and Vanessa. As you can see from the video, they’re in high spirits!

A big thank you to Saeward for updating the website and social media pages. Thanks to Derek, Bill, and Saeward for your handling duties! Handlers get as little (if not less) sleep than the mushers, but not near as much dog time! We couldn’t run these races without our handling crew! And of course, thank you to the CB volunteers and organizers!

Tomorrow we’ll remain in Glennallen until the finishers banquet tomorrow night. In the meantime, the dogs and humans will relax with some fun time romping around and stretching muscles. I have more video from different legs of the race (daylight permitting) and will write up the individual athlete reports! Thanks to everyone for following. Another Copper Basin in the books!

Crossing a frozen lake between meiers lake and sourdough