Season Logo

Each winter, Roxanne designs a new logo for Ryno Kennel to represent each unique race season. And this year she out-did herself again!

Roxanne is a friend from high school, and I'm always amazed with her creative abilities! It can't be easy to come up with a new design each year, but she does it.

Warning Long Tangent (I didn't start out writing the blog post with this, but as I started writing about Roxanne, I couldn't help myself):

As I look back on the past six years since having our first litter of pups (the Ecuadorians), I'm in awe of all the friends, friends of friends, or friends of friends of friends who have helped us along the way. A Durango friend designed our main Ryno logo. Another Durango friend (Roxanne) has designed all of our yearly logos. Scott Chesney, Julien Schroder, and Whitney Mclaren have given us so many incredible photos to decorate the website and share special moments from the trail. Riley, Maliko, Gunhild, Liz, and Tyler have all given us so much time and energy caring for the dogs, building our home, or improving the kennel. Not to mention all the sponsors, friends, and family who have sent notes of encouragement or just a brief email that they're following along. While I try to individually say thank you and that this kennel couldn't function without all the support, sometimes notes fall through the cracks. For that, I apologize! But we truly couldn't live this life without you all, so thank you!

Resuming Original Blog Post:

Back to Roxanne- she's designed lots of incredible logos, so let's take a look back:


Just look at that diversity! So many different styles, colors, and designs. Thank you Roxanne! With this year's new logo, what would Athlete Sponsors like to see as part of their packet? Another hoodie sweatshirt? A tote bag? A regular sweatshirt? Baseball tees? Let me know your thoughts!

Final note- While the dog portraits are complete (thank you Scott), I'm still working on updating the Athlete pages. Most of the portraits have been uploaded to the main athlete page; however, their individual pages aren't finished. Don't cheat and look at the Athlete Page just yet. I'll let you know when it's complete! Once the pages are finished, and we can start the Dog Sponsorship for the 2018-2019 Race Season!