Here We Go!

We're kicking off the season with rainy runs and school portraits!

Ewok lounging on the couch.

Jezzy checking out all the equipment.

Scott Chesney with Tailspin Media visited the kennel last weekend to kick off the season with school portraits! The canine athletes could choose between a couch photo or a white backdrop. Getting highly active sled dogs to relax and pose for the camera is quite a feat, so Scott normally has to come back for another photo shoot to retake any images with the pups who just couldn't sit still. I imagine it must be similar to taking school photos for kindergartners! We have lots of distractions ranging from treats to squeaky toys to jumping up and down and waving our arms. The award for most challenging canine to photograph goes to.... FLASH! Flash never ever stops moving, and she likes to look everywhere but the camera. Treats, squeaking toys, sound effects like barking fox or squeaking rabbits- nothing works. She just wants to say hi to everyone. That being said, Scott successfully got a fantastic photo this year! I'll be updating the athlete pages with their new photos and bios soon, so keep an eye out! Once the Athlete Page is updated, we'll be sending out dog sponsorship information. Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest!

Vanessa sitting pretty with the white back drop.

While the dogs put up with our silly human activities (like taking photos), what they're most excited to do is RUN!!! We officially started fall training, and the teams are doing great! The yearlings fit right in with the older dogs, and there are lots of new athletes who have expressed interest in running lead. Cooke, Elmer, Wingman, Vanessa, and Yuker have all had turns running up front. We're excited for the temperatures to keep dropping and the miles to get longer!