Solstice 50

What better way to celebrate the Solstice than by running the Solstice 50?!


The Solstice 50 is organized by the local Two Rivers Dog Mushers and will travel our home trails. We’ll have three teams in the race mushed by Tyler, Saeward, and myself. For this race, we’ll be focusing on introducing the yearlings to their first ever competition! Tyler has done a fantastic job training the yearlings so far this season, so they’re ready for their first event. Since the yearlings have yet to run such a far distance, we plan on stopping halfway for a couple hours to camp. They’ll be led by expert adults to make sure all the passes go smoothly and that the race is a good, positive experience for the youngsters. The teams will be comprised of:

Lefty Goblin

Rucu Supai

Thresher Flash

Mario Faff


Ham Niagra


Toad CJ

Mako Yoshi


Katy Cartel


Bull Boone

Bowser Dusky


The Pit Crew for all three teams will be Derek, Jezzy, and Sasha! Good luck to all the teams!