Denali Highway

Not a bad campsite

This week, all the 2-3 year olds and I ran along the Denali Highway for a run/rest practice series. While we were gone, Kalyn and the trail-hardened older rockstars stayed in Two Rivers and ran the trails around here. This meant that go-to leaders, Goblin, Lefty, Cartel, Katy, Jana, Boone (basically all the adults who have been training the young up-and-coming leaders), stayed at home. I was so proud of Cooke, Wingman, Ewok, and King Louie for stepping up to lead the team! While most of our runs were in darkness, we did get to enjoy one SPECTACULAR camp and a few hours of daylight mushing. It’s views like these that rejuvenate the soul.

A few hours of daylight mushing.

Flash and Faff on a run around Two Rivers

Post run cabin time.