First team into Mendeltna!

Ryno Kennel was the first team into Mendeltna, the last check point! She got in at 6:11 this morning. Ryne felt that she was going a lot faster than she did, but there has been some intense snow fall the last couple of hours, so everyone has been going pretty slow. The dogs did really well and everyone was pulling hard! 

Ryne will have to take a 3 hour rest in Mendeltna. The team completed their mandatory 6 hours rest + differential at the Tolsona checkpoint. Other teams have completed more of their mandatory rest, so Ryne probably will not be the first team out of Mendeltna. We are still hopeful the super pups of Ryno Kennel can make up some time out on the trail! 60 miles to the finish!!

Ryne is traveling with 11 strong. Fez was feeling a bit stiff and sore after pulling hard in the deep snow, so she's all cuddled up in the dog truck with the handlers!

Please enjoy the following pictures from Copper Basin's Facebook page. The first three are from Mendeltna, and the last three from Tolsona.

Arriving in Tolsona

Arriving in Tolsona