Autumn in Two Rivers

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Not only do the leaves change color (as shown by the incredible picture of Two Rivers by photographer Scott Chesney), but the temperatures drop each night, freezing the ground and crisping the air- it's time to run dogs!

We've been training lots of new leaders, including Lefty and his sister Belle! These two are probably the cutest siblings leading down the trail.

The puppies, as you can see, now resemble small dogs! That's Elmer front left, followed by Flash, Amelia, King Louie, Badger, Nile, and Nessie. I'm guessing this group will increase the average weight of the kennel by at least 10 lbs! They're huge!

Fall is also official project time. We're building new dog houses (aka giant chew toys), expanding the dog yard for our growing numbers, painting new name plates, stockpiling straw, ordering supplies, and prepping for the upcoming race season. 

And in between running dogs and prepping for winter, we like to get out for a bit of fun with Jezzy, the grouse sniper. Plus, it helps to fill the freezer!