Fall Training Has Officially Begun!

We've had several freezing mornings in the past week, and the dogs are LOVING it. This season, we're beginning training with 9 yearlings and 22 adults. The yearlings build mileage slower than the experienced adults and only prep for a 200 or 300 mile race. This season, the adults are comprised of 1 two-year-old, 8 three-year-olds, 7 four-year-olds, 5 five-year-olds, and 1 seven-year-old. Most have completed the Iditarod, Yukon Quest, or both, so we're ready to rock and roll!

In this video, Lefty and Boone are leading the charge, Niagra is in single swing, Cartel and Kindi, Fish and Crunch, Wombat and Chagga, and Blitz and Wingman are in wheel.