Safely into Nikolai

Good morning Ryno Kennel fans!  Ryne has made it safely into Nikolai and is currently resting there with the dogs.  It looks like she’s made it through the Farewell Burn just fine.  My guess is that she will take about five or six hours in Nikolai before heading down the trail to McGrath, which means she should hit the trail around 11:00 AM or 12:00 PM. 


Nikolai to McGrath is about a fifty mile run, and I think she’ll go straight through as this section of trail is fairly straight forward.  She’ll be crossing a lot of lakes and swamps and have a bit of time on the Kuskokwim River, but it should be flat and fast. 

The dogs are will be going into mile three hundred during their run from Nikolai to McGrath, and once they pass that point, it’ll be the furthest they’ve gone in a race for many of them.  If I remember our drop bag packing, I believe Ryne intends to take her 24 in Takotna, so just as the dogs are getting to the point where they’re probably starting to wonder why they’re still on the trail, they’ll get a nice long snooze, and Ryne will get a bit of a chance to relax herself. 


All accounts I’ve heard from fans say that the dogs are happy and sassy, just how we like them.  I’m including a nice article from the Anchorage Daily News with some quotes from Ryne and Kristin. 


Unfortunately I won’t be able to write a blog tonight, but check back in tomorrow morning for another update on Ryne and her happy huskies!