Out of Rohn and on to Nikolai

Good evening Ryno Kennel fans!  Here’s your nightly update on Ryne as she makes her way 1,000 miles across the Alaskan wilderness.  Ryne left Rohn at 3:01 PM with fifteen dogs and has travelled about 35 miles towards Nikolai.  She still has about 40 miles yet, and I’ve been anxiously watching the tracker to see whether or not she’ll camp during this run. 


While the run between Rohn and Nikolai can be one of the most notorious along the Iditarod trail, many mushers have been reporting smooth sailing and fast trail conditions.  If the dogs are looking good, Ryne may elect to push onwards and head straight into Nikolai without camping in the middle.  Many of the dogs in her team have done exactly this during the 300 mile races we ran this season, and have finished their mid distance races as strong if not stronger than when they started. 

Photo Credit: Nicholas Guy

Photo Credit: Nicholas Guy

So far I haven’t seen any video footage but I do have a report from one of our many fans that they saw a video of Ryne and the team coming into Rainy Pass, tails wagging and full of attitude, so it sounds like everyone is in great spirits.


Much of what I write here is speculation since we don’t get to follow Ryne down the trail as we do with the Yukon Quest, but judging from her steady speed and the fact that she still has fifteen dogs, I’d say things are looking pretty good!  Stay tuned for our morning update!