Ryne and Pups in Galena

Good morning Ryno Kennel fans!  Ryne has taken her mandatory eight hour rest in Ruby, hit the trail with thirteen dogs and made it all the way to Galena.  She’s currently resting in Galena, and arrived there at 8:06 AM.  She’s been running an even run/rest schedule, so we can assume she’ll take about six hours in Galena before hitting the trail again at around 2 PM this afternoon. 


From Galena, Ryne’s next stop is Nulato, and then on to Kaltag.  These two checkpoints are the last on the Yukon River before she’ll make the eighty mile trek to Unalakleet and the coast.  This means she’s still got about eighty miles on the long, seemingly never ending Yukon River. 

So far, Ryne is running a great race for our two year old dogs.  Keeping them on a nice and steady schedule, and keeping them happy and healthy.  Being as competitive as Ryne is, I’m sure she has trouble maintaining a slower pace, but as always, Ryne looks to the well being of her pups and has an eye on the future of Ryno Kennel.


That’s all for now Ryno Kennel fans, tune in this evening to check on Ryne and her happy huskies!