Moment of Silence

Good morning Ryno Kennel fans.  In light of the devastating news we received regarding Jeff King’s team and Aliy Zirkle’s team, I’d like us all to take a moment of silence for them.  It is horrible and tragic that someone would feel the need to attack a team of sled dogs for any reason, and our thoughts go out to Aliy and Jeff. 

There has been a lot of speculation as to why this individual decided to attack Aliy and Jeff's teams with a snowmachine.  No matter the reason, I think what's important to focus on is sending positive energy, thoughts and prayers to the mushers on the trail for a safe, speedy and uneventful journey.  

Now, on to less macabre news, Ryne left Cripple late last night at 11:18 PM with thirteen dogs.  That means she has dropped two dogs in Cripple.  I’m not sure who they are yet, but we should be able to find out by tomorrow from Brad and Erin Authier, the wonderful couple who is taking care of our dropped dogs in Anchorage. 


Currently Ryne is camped on the trail with Kristin Knight Pace (yay, go Kristin!) and Sarah Stokey.  In light of this morning’s events, I’m glad to see she’s got some company on the trail, especially a couple of tough ladies like Kristin and Sarah!  It looks as though they’ve been camped for awhile, so I’m thinking that she should be getting ready to head on down the trail any time now and will be into Ruby sometime in the late afternoon or early evening. 


Alright Ryno Kennel fans, that’s it for this morning, check back tonight for your second daily dose of Ryne Olson and her happy huskies!