Halfway Home

Good evening Ryno Kennel fans!  Ryne has been a busy lady out there on the trail!  She came into Cripple at 4:43 PM today, and I bet you anything she’s getting ready to hit the trail again as I write this to you, our adoring fans. That means she’ll be almost halfway through with the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race!  Wooohoo! 

I think here in the next day or two (100 to 200 miles) we’ll find out whether or not Ryne and the dogs want to move from the back of the pack to the middle of the pack.  It’s really all up to the four-legged athletes, and Ryne will make her decision based on how they look and how well they’re eating.   Don’t forget, our race this year is much more about showing the younger athletes what its like to run 1,000 miles.  Since we can’t sit down to chat with our dogs in English and let them know how many miles they have left, it’s important for them to have this experience.  When they get to next year’s race, they’ll understand how far 1,000 miles is and what we expect of them.  And you better believe they’ll be ready to rock your socks off!


From Cripple, Ryne has several checkpoints to choose from along the Yukon River where she is required to stay for eight hours.  This is her second mandatory layover and it must be taken at one of the checkpoints along the Yukon River, Ruby being a long standing favorite.   


That’s all for now, folks.  Tune in tomorrow morning for more tails from the trail!