Flying Mushers Raceway Subdivision

What is Flying Mushers Raceway Subdivision you may ask? Well, it's the future home of Ryno Kennel!

Last year, we discovered a large parcel of land in Two Rivers that had been on the market for quite awhile. With no structures, no access road and no power, it wasn't very marketable to the average home buyer, but to us, it was PERFECT. After jumping through several hoops, the 150 acre parcel was ours!

While keeping 150 acres for ourselves was an appealing idea, having good neighbors makes life much easier during a cold Alaskan winter. And who better neighbors than fellow dog mushers?! With that in mind, we created Flying Mushers Raceway Subdivision- home to "R" (Ryno Kennel) "Ace" (Smokin Ace Kennel- Matt Hall/Amanda Brooks) and "Way" (Tukaway Kennel- Chase Tingle/Steph Otto). Get it? "R""Ace""Way"? And "Flying" for Derek of course.

Anyways, we're VERY excited about the new neighborhood! The picture is of the top half of the property. With the help of Dave Greer's D7 Dozer (Thank you Dave!), we put in an access road, dozed an airstrip (the large swath), and cleared a large area for a cabin, dog yard, garden, or anything. Stay tuned as we continue to build the dream homestead for Ryno Kennel!

Below are a few other pictures from life at the kennel.

Prepping salmon for the winter.

Jana and Coot smiling for the camera.