Winter is coming...but not here just yet.

Two Rivers has yet to receive any substantial snowfall, and according to the Fairbanks Daily Newsminer, we're having the latest snow since 1980! Even Barrow (Alaska's northernmost community) is setting a record for the latest date without snowfall, which follows a record-early spring snow melt. According to Alaska Daily News, "Kotzebue, Nome, Iliamna, Cold Bay, King Salmon and St. Paul posted the warmest Oct. 1-10 periods on record, and Bethel had the second-warmest average temperature on record for the period, the agency said. Communities in Southeast  also had their driest Oct. 1-10 periods on record."

Even though there's no snow, we've had lots of below freezing temperatures, which has created a unique landscape. The swamps behind the kennel have all frozen over, and since there's no snow to cover the unique ice patterns, we're able to "walk on water" and explore!

Today, Riley from Dark Horse Racing and Jeff from Black Spruce Mushing came out to the kennel to run the Two Rivers trails and have the opportunity to practice passing. There were lots of excited dogs at the kennel this morning!