Race Time!

Adult team on a training run in preparation for the Old Mail Trail

With the temperatures soaring and the snow melting, we're squeaking in one final race for the season! Tomorrow at 10:00, two Ryno Kennel teams will be embarking on the Old Mail Trail 200! The race begins in Nenana, Alaska and traverses through the Minto Flats to Manley, Alaska (approximately 85 miles). Once there, each team will take a mandatory 8-hour rest in Manley, and then run the 85 miles back to Nenana. The two teams consist of:

Riley: Ham, Katy, Sally, Rucu, Kindi, Supai, Perm, Fez, Niagra, Neptune

Ryne: Fire, Cartel, Derby, Brant, Coot, Eider, Drake, Fenton, Lefty, Belle

Since this is the yearlings' first race, the yearling team will take a more conservative pace, resting in the middle of the 85 mile run. Expect to see Ryne and the yearlings closer to the back. Riley and the adults will be giving it their all and testing their skills on the fast, flat trail. 

To follow the race, check out the Old Mail Trail, Nenana, AK Facebook page or http://www.oldmailtrail.com. Most updates will be posted on the Old Mail Trail Facebook page. Derek will be following the race in Manley, but most likely will not have internet access to provide updates.