Old Mail Trail Preparation

Studly Fenton 

This weekend, the yearling team and I headed to the White Mountains for our final camping trip before the Old Mail Trail 200 on Friday. The team consisted of leaders Fire and Katy, Derby and Belle, Fenton and Lefty, Drake and Coot, and Brant and Eider. CJ did not accompany us on this trip. She's been helping Derek on his trapline this winter, getting to experience trail breaking, overflow, and the life of a trapline dog! 

Throughout the winter, the yearlings have had periods of brilliance and periods of distraction. This trip, however, the yearlings were so mature and focused that you would not have known they were yearlings! We crossed glare ice and frozen overflow, climbed steep hills and passed many distractions like snowmachiners, snow bikers, and skiers. Throughout it all, they were real champs! Bring it on Old Mail Trail 200!

White Mountain camping

Pretty boy Eider

Handsome Lefty

Cute Coot