Ryno Kennel on their way to Dawson City

First, the PR department for Ryno Kennel would like to apologize for the lack of news. Out on the trail, with limited bandwidth for the Wifi, "official" media get first priority. But, we have been keeping notes to catch you up.

The team made a strong run into Carmacks on Sunday. With a beautiful day for running, the dogs enjoyed camping during the "heat" of the afternoon (-40s) -- just wish we had pictures to share of them lounging in the sun! Ryne, on the other hand, preferred movement over shivering in her sleeping bag.   Perm was the cheerleader of this section with continuous high pitch barking when ever the team stopped, pulling hard on her harness, encouraging the team forward very enthusiastically.  Neptune had to be left behind in Carmack's much to everyone's dismay. A very attentive vet picked up a clue that Neptune might be getting sick. Though Neptune was eager to leave with her team, she is riding in comfort now with her sister, Niagra, in the handler's truck. 

Arriving in Pelly Crossing on Monday at 5:44 PM, we learned of the team's fortitude being challenged on this run, and they all rose to the occasion. (4 teams have scratched by the time Ryno Kennel team leaves Pelly Crossing.) 

On the run between Carmacks and Pelly Crossing: Fire was the rock of the team, so strong and driven, always pulling forward. Jana did incredibly well, and she was always the first dog off the straw ready to go. Cartel, well funny story: Ryne was trying to give Cartel some rest from leading and put Cartel in the sled bag at McCabe Creek. Cartel curled up in the end of the bag like she was relishing the idea of a little rest. But not 5 minutes down the trail and Cartel was screaming, screaming, screaming to get out of the bag and join her teammates -- what a cheerleader!                Supai and Kindi were the big eaters on the trail which is huge. With the tempature as low as -45 degrees, a musher needs good eaters on the team who keep their energy up. Ham was another hard worker, always pulling on his harness. And Fez, what a super fast and steady little trot she had. Ryne liked running Fez at single wheel in the tricky sections (jumble ice) because she was able to slide under the gangline when pulling. Though Derby had to be dropped in McCabe Creek due to soreness, Derby had been a real cheerleader and hardworking dog that Ryne will miss.

The team left Pelly Crossing at 4:06 AM this morning with 11 eager dogs screaming and pulling at their harnesses. Ryne plans on a steady run/rest cycle to continue making this time on the trail a great adventure for this young team. We look for the team into Dawson City Wednesday evening, February 11th. (Ryne's Birthday!!)