Even though the title of this post is “Spring” it really depends on the day. Just last week, we received 6-8 inches of snow. Since then, the temperature has been reaching 65-70F each day. And Friday it’s supposed to snow again. Go figure! Spring time in Alaska.

What’s in store for the Ryno athletes this Spring and Summer?

Vacation time! We’ve just finished creating the canine hiking-mobile. In the past, I’ve let each dog loose from their spot in the yard, and then off we went on a short. By building the ATV trailer with dog boxes, we can now start farther from the kennel for new sights. Also, sometimes my canine walking companions like to beat me back to the dog yard. Typically this isn’t an issue, but a mischievous pup likes to rummage around in areas they shouldn’t (dog food tent, trash bags, steal a bone from their neighbor, etc). The ATV allows us to all return to the yard at the same time! And it’s great practice for the young dogs to ride in dog boxes, learning that normally it means we’re about to do something fun and exciting!

When not hiking, the pups are sleeping in the sunshine, playing with their neighbors, or chewing on bones. There have been a handful of generous dog fans who have mailed tasty treats and fun toys- thank you! Thick, 8+ inch long bones and Kongs (which I freeze with goodies inside) are some of their favorites, so if you have a favorite pup who you’d like to mail a treat to, these are safe bets! Let summer vacation begin!

Hiking group of Lefty, Rucu, Cooke, Bowser, Cartel, Goblin, Bull, and Amelia.