One More Race!

Just when you thought the Ryno Kennel racing season was over, we’ve signed up for one more race! Saeward will be running a team of eight Ryno athletes in the Two Rivers 100 starting tomorrow!

For the past couple months, Saeward has been conditioning four yearlings to prepare them for their first “longer” race. She’s taken them on camping trips and gradually increased the miles, so that tomorrow at noon, they’ll be ready to rock their first 100 mile race! Saeward and team drew bib #28, which is the 8th bib for the 100-mile racers.

Who will be in Saeward’s Team?

Ham and Ewok

Vanessa and Thresher

Flash and Bowser

Faff and Bull


Also, you may recall that Saeward handled for Kalyn during her Copper Basin 300. Now it’s Kalyn’s turn to handle for Saeward! The best place to get race updates will be on the Two Rivers Dog Mushers Facebook Page. Since this will be the yearlings first 100-mile race, Saeward’s main focus will be getting them to the finishline with wagging tails and energy to keep on running! (Which is important since the race ends at Pleasant Valley Store and Saeward will just run them home afterwards!)

While Saeward and Kalyn are participating in the Two Rivers 100, Derek and I will take the majority of the kennel down to the Alaska Range for our first 5-day expedition. Time for some camping! Fingers crossed this warm weather cools off soon!!