Off to Dawson & Mid race update

Time to booty and put on coats — early wake up call!

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Go team go! Next stop Dawson

After arriving yesterday in Dawson City at 6:39 PM, Ryne and the dogs were taken over to the dog yard for a formal Vet check on each dog. And boy, did they enjoy the individual attention. No poking and prodding, just range of motion moves, temperatures, massages, hugs, and more treats and food. A dog’s life!

Kalyn spent the night with the team: feeding, massaging, walking to stretch out, and most importantly, resting. Thank you for all the love Kalyn.

After check in at the dog yard (Ryne had eaten pizza on the way over), she promptly crashed for 12 hours straight (no massaging, no walking to stretch and no food — just rest!) But after waking, she was off to the dog yard to check on everyone. Following is her report on her team:

  • Boone: she has lead the team from the start. Exceptional and very strong. And best of all, eating is not an issue with this one!

  • CJ: a little hot and cold, but hanging out in wheel. Works hard on the hills (and yes, definitely some hills this last leg), but when the team is coasting down or on the flats, CJ lets her mind wander a bit.

  • Cooke: running in swing as the only 2 year old! Flawless. Not an initiator, but loves to join into the barking; always ready.

  • Goblin: hopped onto the team at Pelly Crossing — saving him for leading later in the race. Definitely the initiator — first to start the barking.

  • Jana: joined in Pelly Crossing. Super hard worker, no nonsense, always driving. One of those that quietly gets the job done.

  • Katy: lead the first 100 miles but then moved to wheel. Some might say she is small for wheel, but Katy is very agile, and because of her size, she can duck under the gang-line, maneuvering around.

  • Lefty: lead since Carmacks where he jumped on the team. Doing really well. Excited with any wildlife so runs with his head high trying to be the first to spot any critters out there.

  • Perm: rock solid since the start of the race. Loves to join in when Ryne sings; Perm gets everyone else fired up. Favorite is Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant” —

    We come from the land of the ice and snow
    From the midnight sun, where the hot springs flow
    The hammer of the gods
    W'ell drive our ships to new lands
    To fight the horde, and sing and cry
    Valhalla, I am coming!

  • Rucu: joined the team in Pelly Crossing. So big and strong; great to have his strength in the hills.

  • Supai: pulling since the start; hardest puller on the team. Also, great eater! Wrist has been acting up a bit but managing that.

  • Uno: working the whole race; ready since 1st day to get on down the trail. In Dawson City at camp, she is already bored and wondering why the team has stopped so long.

  • Wingman: running since first day and eating everything in front of him (and next to him!) Loves to eat. But what he loves more — trucks. If you heard a dog barking at the trucks in Braeburn or Dawson - bet it was Wingman!

  • Fish: had to be dropped in Scroggie due to an inflamed hock. Ryne was very bummed to leave Fish, the cheerleader. Fish would scream at all the checkpoints getting everyone excited.

  • Wombat: dropped in Pelly Crossing for a sore wrist. Showed no signs of a problem on the trail, but after the rest some definite soreness. Plus, Kalyn’s cuddler!

Dog truck back in action — headed to Fairbanks

Dog truck back in action — headed to Fairbanks

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