We Made It!

Ryne here-

Thanks so much to everyone who followed along during our Yukon Quest and came to cheer on the team at the finish!

I couldn't be prouder of the team, especially the finishers Jana, Lefty, Katy, Cooke, Rucu, Uno, and CJ! While a small team, they had enormous drive and heart. Ironically, the last 20 miles into the finish down the Chena River and through Fairbanks was some of the most challenging conditions we had encountered all race! Cooke and Jana led the run into town, until after hours of breaking trail, young Cooke needed a break so Lefty took over. The Chena River was flooded with hidden overflow and open leads. With the trail and trail markers being blown away in the storm, we decided to hunker down for a short while until visibility was better. I never thought my first experience of hunkering down during a storm would be on a river bank below one of the houses of Fairbanks just six miles shy of the finish line! Ha! Thanks to the friends and family who patiently awaited our finish and even though the canine athletes aren't on Facebook (I don't think)- thank you to these wonderful dogs who pulled me through and showed such perseverance, trust, and strength. As I sit on the couch surrounded by my sleeping teammates and family, our hearts are full!