Playing, Running, and Rainbows

Chena River walking

Summertime = relaxation time for the sled dogs. For some, like Cartel, Jana, CJ, and Frosty, they're soaking it up! They probably nap 23 1/2 hours out of the day and would nap the full 24 except that I wake them up for meal times. For others, like Yuker, Amelia, and the African Litter, they're like that one family member on vacation who can never sit still. Every time the weather permits, we try to hook up a team and take a lap around the property. The Mario Carts and Sharks have been improving every run. Thresher in particular, loves to scream and howl as he's running!

Dr. Jeanne Olson also came out to visit the kennel and do a spay and neuter day. We're SO APPRECIATIVE of vets who are willing to travel. The dogs are always more comfortable staying at home for a vet visit. While each musher is different, we tend to spay and neuter when the dogs are older than one year and aren't top choices for future breedings. Spaying and neutering helps prevent "oops puppies." Spaying and neutering doesn't alter the athlete's drive at all, and if anything, improves it. They're less worried about looking attractive or checking out the ladies and are more focused on traveling with the team. Plus, fixed athletes oftentimes hold weight better. Not to mention, walking large groups of dogs is always more simple when they're not flirting the whole time!

We can't believe it's already middle of June, and not to wish the summer away, but we're SO PUMPED FOR NEXT SEASON! I can't wait to hit the trails and explore the north with these amazing dogs.

Occasional Mush


Free running

Rehab room after Dr. Olson's visit.



My pot of gold.