Voting and Reindeer

This blog should be relaxing, entertaining, and educational, so I try to keep this a “no politics zone,” but I hope everyone went out and voted yesterday! The dogs sure enjoyed our trip to the voting booth :)

The reindeer are settling in at their new home at the Co-op. Since they’re the start of our reindeer farm, we figured it’s about time we named them! If you have suggestions for names, please check out our Last Frontier Mushing Co-op Facebook Page and caption the photos of each reindeer with your suggested name. If we pick your name, then you get a Last Frontier Mushing Co-op t-shirt!

But first, a bit about the reindeer. Our farm is comprised of two cows and one bull. Each one has a distinctly different personality. The bull is fearless. He doesn’t shy away from ATVs, the dogs, or humans. While that makes it easy to interact with him, we have to be careful around him, especially this time of year (the rut). His confidence hasn’t translated to aggression, but he’ll protect his gals at all costs. The darker cow is the smallest. Even though she is small, she’s holds her own and will push the bull out of the way at the feeding table. She has a mischievious side too and will dip underneath the feeding table to hang out in the small corral by the gate. The white cow is graceful and reserved. We haven’t interacted with her too much yet. She’s at the bottom of the herd pecking order and is the first to shy away. That being said, I think once we gain her trust, she’ll be calm and docile. I’ve loved working with these three and learning about reindeer! While our three are still pretty standoffish, when handled and socialized, reindeer can become versatile, playful, and fun. I’m so excited to keep working with them and continue to grow our farm!

2 cows (to left) and 1 bull (right)

The Bull

Cow 1

Cow 2