Dogs, First Snow, and Reindeer

We’re having an unseasonably warm October (which the Fairbanks Daily Newsminer called a “thumbs up.” Mushers consider it a “thumbs down.”) We broke a record for the latest snowfall ever recorded in Fairbanks. The previous record was from 1920! Silver lining- the rain is creating some spectacular rainbows!

On this day in 2017 we were putting in our well. And I vividly recall that the ground was frozen and snow covered, I was wearing bunny boots, and the water quickly froze after being blasted out of the well by the air hose. It was poor weather for pounding a well, but fantastic weather for dog running. Currently the weather is 50F and sunny. Luckily, the dogs don’t mind too much as long as we run at the coolest hours of the day and take lots of breaks in the Chena River or enormous puddles, hence why they’re so happy in this video! Can you pick out your favorite dog?

Rain in October—- at least there’s a rainbow accompanying it!



Puppies soon to join RK! Photos compliments of Aliy.

Photo compliments of Aliy

First snow!- Although it all melted by the afternoon.

A cartoon to make you smile.

As a little girl, I always wanted a horse. I had wonderful friends who let me spend time with their horses, and I joined the Pony Club for a short time. But as with many kids, I also loved soccer, x-country running, nordic skiing, downhill skiing, hiking, backpacking, dogs (the list goes on), and you have to pick your activities. Well, it’s not exactly a horse, but tomorrow the Mushing Co-op is bringing home THREE REINDEER!! They’re not the reindeer in the photos below (these were from my recent visit to the Running Reindeer Ranch), but in no time at all, I hope our reindeer will be as social and personable as the reindeer I met on the tour. I’ll be sure to take photos and write a more informative blog about reindeer shortly after they arrive.

I always wanted a pony.