Running Dogs and Building Cabins

With less than one week to go before Copper Basin, we've been staying busy by running dogs, building our cabin, and starting drop bags! Here are some photos from our recent dog runs and cabin building sessions.


What's on the agenda for the next week? Over the next few days, we'll be finishing up Copper Basin drop bags and completing a large portion of the Yukon Quest drop bags, which are due a week from Saturday. Liz has been busy cutting hundreds of pounds of beef, liver, BLT (beef, liver and tripe), fish, and beef fat into convenient snack sizes. She's also packaged over 75 kibble meals including supplements and probiotics. So a big high five and thank you to Liz!!! I'll do a more complete post about drop bags in the near future.

My little brother, Tom, will be arriving tomorrow night to handle for Liz during the Copper Basin. Not only are we SUPER excited for him to join us, but he'll also be bringing our new canine family member: a Griff pup! On Wednesday and Thursday, we'll pack the truck, go on our final training runs, then leave early Friday morning for the COPPER BASIN!!!!!

There will be lots of ways to follow along during the Copper Basin. My wonderful mother, Katy, will be updating this blog. We'll also have Facebook updates on the Ryno Kennel Facebook page, and Copper Basin will have updates on the Copper Basin 300 Facebook page. The Copper Basin will also be providing GPS trackers, so follow along on the Copper Basin website ( for tracker information.