The Racing Continues!


The racing season continues with the Two Rivers 100 starting tomorrow at noon! This is a local race put on by the Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association. It begins at Chatanika Lodge, runs 50 miles to Two Rivers Lodge, then loops around another 50 miles to Pleasant Valley Store. The first 50 miles is full of steep climbs and plummeting drops while the second 50 miles is relatively flat and through the lowlands of the Chena River Valley. 

Tyler will be running in the Two Rivers 100 with a rambunctious team of youngsters! Joining Tyler on the race will be: Ham and Niagra in lead, CJ, and then the eight yearlings- Cooke, Flash, Amelia, Badger, King Louie, Nile, Elmer, and Vanessa. This will be Tyler's first race, as well as all the yearlings!


Tyler drew bib #28 at the start banquet this evening, which means he'll start as #8 for the 100 mile competitors. The Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association also organizes a 200 mile race that runs at the same time as the 100 mile race. The first 100 miles are the same, and the 200-mile races continue on to Angel Creek Lodge, then back to Pleasant Valley Store. For most of the readers who have zero idea of where these locations are, the main point is that each checkpoint is a nice warm lodge with tasty food! Priorities :)

Liz will be handling for Tyler on the race tomorrow. We anticipate he'll be finishing sometime around 5:00 AM the morning of January 20th. I'll be finishing up Yukon Quest drop bags and going on an aurora mushing tour tomorrow night. There aren't GPS trackers on this race, so the best way to follow along is on the Two Rivers Dog Mushers Facebook page. We'll do our best to update the blog and Ryno Facebook page as well!