Word from the Copper Basin Trail

Ryne's team arrived at Meier's Lake at 3:48AM this morning  where they will be completing the mandatory 6 hour layover plus start differential. That should put the team out about 11:04AM.

As soon as the team pulled in Ryne started to work feeding and massaging each dog, and then, they all snuggled in for their rest. Took Ryne about two hours to settle all the team, at which time she was able to settle down with them to catch a little sleep. The handlers expect to see Ryne up about 9:00 to start waking and feeding the dogs for their next run.

The run over from Chistochina is one of the more challenging legs of the race. The teams had quite a bit of climbing with cresting a big peak, “The Hump”, at an elevation of 4,085 feet. There is also a large peak right after the checkpoint, so dogs and mushers will need a good rest here.

Liz arrived with her team at 6:59 AM this morning with a happy team. She has started feeding and massaging her team, and we anticipate she will take her mandatory 6 hour layover plus start differential at Meier's Lake, too. 

News from the handlers is the weather has turned, and just south is a winter storm advisory. At Meier's lake it is snowing hard. Everyone is moving a bit slower due to the change in weather. We will have to wait and see how it affects the teams as they leave this checkpoint.

Following are some more pictures from yesterday.

01 Ryne headed to start.jpg
02 Ryne.jpg
05 Ryne on trail.jpg
05 Ryne.jpg
06 Liz.jpg
07 Liz.jpg