Solstice 50!


We're kicking off the 2017-2018 Race Season with the Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association Solstice 50!

With all the snow in Two Rivers, the trail will be taking a new route up over the highest hills outside of Fairbanks. Recently we ran the trail and took a short video of the incredible views!

Both Liz and I will be running in the Solstice 50 with Derek and Tyler helping us take off! My team will be:

Katy & Goblin

Boone & Drummer

Cartel & Perm

Yuker & CJ

Wingman & Lefty

Supai & Drake

Liz will be running a mixture of adults and yearlings. Given the strenuous course, she'll be taking a short break about 35 miles in, mostly for the yearlings. Her team will be:

Niagra & Crunch

King Louie & Belle

Wombat & Uno


Gringa & Coot

Flash & Blitz

Our good friend, Mari, with ATAO Kennel ( will be running Nile and Vanessa in her team. Let the races begin!!