This last week, we've had an army to help crank out the dog yard platforms, and we're making great progress! Rick Patton, Derek's dad, has been visiting for the past week and put countless hours in at the property. Liz Schell, who will be helping at the kennel this winter, also arrived last week and received a crash course in fall training and platform construction. So with the help of Rick, Liz, and Tyler, the platforms are close to completion! Derek and I are pumped!

What is next? We still have to finish the third platform (should take half a day once the lumber arrives), then paint two of the platforms (assuming the weather will allow it), then pound 48 posts. It's so close!

After the completion of the platforms, we'll get rolling on the septic, well, and decking for the cabins. Oh, and the dogs are looking fantastic on their training runs!

Rick and Liz staining the platform.

Rick and Liz staining the platform.