Yukon Quest Drop Bags and Vet Checks

It's been a whirlwind at the kennel recently! Immediately following Copper Basin, we've been busy packing drop bags and getting our ducks in a row for the YUKON QUEST!!

Yesterday we loaded up a truck's worth of gear for the 1000-miles and dropped it off at Summit Logistics to be shipped out to the various checkpoints by all the incredible Yukon Quest volunteers. Each bag weighed around 40 lbs, and I sent out 38 bags, so that's 1,520 pounds of dog food, dog snacks, booties, runner plastic, gloves, neck gaitors, human food, vet kits, and anything else I might need on the race! Whew!

Today was the Yukon Quest vet checks. Eighteen dogs were thoroughly examined, and the final 14 will be selected prior to the race. The eighteen dogs taken to vet checks were Belle, Cartel, CJ, Coot, Drake, Drummer, Fenton, Fire, Ham, Jana, Katy, Kindi, Lefty, Niagra, Perm, Rucu, Supai, and Goblin. They all received an A+! Here are some photos from the vet checks taken by the incredible photographer Julien Schroder. He'll be following the Quest this year and posting pictures on the Yukon Quest Facebook page.

Fire and Gunhild

Ryne unloading Perm

Ryne unloading Perm

Jezzy saying vet checks are boring.

Coot loving the attention of the three vets!