Two Rivers 100

It's race time again!

Amanda with her frosty makeup on

Starting at noon, our good friend Amanda Gecas will be running a team of Ryno athletes in the Two Rivers 100. Who is on her team?

Frosty and Belle

CJ and Fenton

Drake and Coot

Wingman and Ewok

Chagga and Blitz

Wombat and Kindi

The race will begin at Chatanika Lodge then travel 43 miles over Cleary Summit to Two Rivers Lodge. Once there, Amanda and team will take a four hour break then run 50 miles around Two Rivers and the Chena River to finish at Pleasant Valley Store. For Wingman, Ewok, Chagga, Blitz, and Wombat, this will be their first ever race! A big thank you to Amanda for coming out to run the team, and to Maliko for handling for her! The youngsters couldn't have two more experienced coaches on their first race.

Amanda's Training Run Photo

Amanda's Training Run Photo

Amanda's Training Run Photo