Happy Mother's Day

To My Mother- who instilled within me a need for adventure and has always supported me in any crazy endeavor that comes to mind. Braving record rains, -50F temperatures, snow, dark nights, or mountains of dog poop, Katy Human has thrown herself into the mushing life even when others question my sanity. Happy Mother's Day Mom- I love you!

To Scooter- who was the first Mama at Ryno Kennel and blessed us with the goofy, fun-loving, tail-wagging Ecuadorians (Kindi, Rucu, Supai). She instilled within her pups her "go get 'em" attitude, dopey happiness, and love of food. Happy Mother's Day Scooter!

To Nutmeg- whose offspring are the sassy, friendly, hug-loving Ducks of Brant, Coot, Drake, and Eider as well as Champ and Cayenne at SP Kennel. Nutmeg passed on the "Spice Girl" love and affection traits famous of her sisters (Spicy and Rose) with a touch of her own attitude and determination. Happy Mother's Day Nutmeg!

To Puppet- whose offspring are Fenton and the Outlaws (Fenton, "Belle" Starr, Calamity Jane "CJ", and Lefty). Her pups share her stunning good looks, fast pace, and quirky attitudes that one can't help but love. Happy Mother's Day Puppet!

To Perm- who is now the mother of two litters at Ryno Kennel: the Card Games (Yuker, Blitz, Fish, and Uno) and the African Litter. Her pups share her affectionate personality as well as her high-pitched, sassy bark that can be heard throughout the state of Alaska. She's instilled in each pup a confidence that borders on arrogance. Happy Mother's Day Perm!