Ready to Run....or Waddle

While I have been regularly updating the Ryno Kennel Facebook page with puppy pictures, I realize I have withheld these adorable shots from puppy lovers who do not check Facebook! Here is a little video of the puppies as well as a few individual shots.


Who is the daddy?

SOLO is Kristin and Andy Pace's main leader at Hey Moose! Kennel. In both the 2015 Yukon Quest and 2016 Iditarod, I ran near Kristin and her stellar team, watching as Solo often single-led down the trail. His lineage traces back to older King lines, and interestingly, share many similarities with Fire! As part of our arrangement, one puppy will be joining Hey Moose! Kennel at about eight weeks old, but I'll be sure to keep you posted.

4 Weeks Pupdate- The pups are continually growing, maturing, and changing, but here's a little insight into their current personalities.

Nessie (white female)- She is the bravest female. She's very independent and prefers to romp around on her own than play with others.

Oryx (smaller black female)- Oryx is the smallest pup right now (not that it means anything...they're all huge!). She is sassy. She's always pouncing on her brothers and chewing on toes.

Nala (larger black female)- Nala is mellow and loves to just waddle around checking out her new surroundings. That being said, if her brothers try and show any dominance, she's quick to remind them that she's not one to mess with.

Badger (grey male)- Badger is a WHINER. He's always making noise and is currently the most timid. He's most comfortable cuddled up against you and napping in the grass.

Nile (dark grey male)- Of all the puppies in the litter, Nile is the most fearless. He's the first to come out of the house, chase after babysitters Stormy and Jezzy, or torment his siblings.

King Louie (black male)- King Louie is, at this particular moment, a fat lug. He waddles around and just body bumps his siblings, knocking them off balance. That being said, he's a big cuddle bug.

King Louie looking regal.

Nessie trying her best to wink.

Nile- can you put your foot in your mouth?

Lovely Oryx

Handsome Badger