Alaska Range Adventures

I apologize for the radio silence recently, but we’ve been out tromping around in the gorgeous Alaska Range for the past month! This spring for the first time, we offered week-long mushing trips in the heart of the Alaska Range. Not only was this a way for me to postpone going back to real life and continue to spend time in the wilderness with the dogs, but it was a great way to share the thrill of dog mushing with people who would prefer not to have 30 Alaskan Huskies living in their backyard (understandably).

Like any new endeavor, we had some exceptional times and some not so exceptional times. Due to a winter storm, the first group was unable to fly into base camp. For several days, Maliko and I hunkered down in our arctic oven waiting for the strong winds and heavy, wet snowfall to let up. It was as if we lived in a cloud. We were plagued by overflow and cement-like snow that kept both snowmachines and dog teams from covering much ground. We became so frustrated with the snowmachine that we wrote a children’s story about the snowgo that couldn’t go in the snow. It rhymes and everything.  I’ll share it with you sometime. Combining that with the avalanches all around us, and we didn’t venture too far from base camp.

Tessa and team

Wombat trying to be a lap dog. 

Luckily, our patience was rewarded and the next two weeks were INCREDIBLE. Stunning views, bright sunlight that burned my face, gorgeous sunsets and sunrises, and northern lights- it was paradise. Nearby, a family of beavers worked diligently climbing the hillside for willows then playfully sliding down with their branches. A curious fox visited the camp several times. We crossed otter tracks, wolf tracks, and bear tracks. The world was coming alive around us with the warming temperatures, and we were so privileged to be a part of it.

These incredible adventures required the help of lots of people, so a big thank you to Maliko, Tessa, Derek, Andy, Mike, Brian, Jeff, and Evan for making this an experience I’ll always remember. If you’re interested in participating in a week-long adventure next spring, send me an email at


Sunbathing pups

Fez and Brant cuddling up. 

Maliko and team