On to Rainy Pass

Hello Ryno Kennel Fans! This is your evening update on Ryne and the team.  It looks like they’re doing well out on the trail and keeping that nice conservative pace.  I’m sure Ryne’s champing at the bit to go faster, but she’s always got the dogs’ best interest in mind, and keeping them at a slow pace this early in the race will help them to be strong and healthy as they hit some of the tough, windy conditions on the coast. 

We got news from the Authiers (wonderful couple in Anchorage taking care of our dropped dogs) that Kindi was dropped in Skwentna.  She’s got a sore tricep and sore toe.  As soon as Derek and I heard a dog was dropped, we immediately thought it might be Kindi as she was going into the race with a little stiffness in that tricep.  Bummer for Kindi, I know she’s probably still got miles of energy! 


Ryne left Finger Lake at 6:02 PM with fifteen dogs, and is headed towards Rainy Pass.  She should be there shortly.  I’m assuming she’ll take a little rest before hitting the trail to head towards Rohn and the Dalzell Gorge, but its all speculation from my comfy cabin in Two Rivers.  That’s all we’ve got for now, check back tomorrow morning for more updates!