Ryno Kennel into Circle!

Ryno Kennel has just pulled into Circle. Still no communication from the team, but from the Yukon Quest website looks like 10 pups are cruising right along. Have not heard who was dropped, though from the Yukon website looks like Ryne left Two Rivers with 11 dogs and Central with 10. 

From the Yukon's facebook posts:  looks like Jesse Holmes is in the lead and headed out of Circle back to Central. Aliy Zirkle pulled into Circle about an hour ago and Joanna Jagow arrived soon after. 

Maliko, also running with 10 dogs having dropped 2 at Mile 101 , looks to be running strong, too. Last check Maliko's team was at mile 171, about 37 miles out of Central. 

What a race! Go Ryno Kennel go!