EKGs and Vet Checks

Iditarod is getting close! Seven days and counting! Thursday we took twenty one dogs in to do their EKGs and get blood work done, and Friday, everyone got a thorough examination by Dr. Tamara Rose at T Rose Veterinary Service, all required by the Iditarod Trail Committee to ensure happy, healthy athletes going down the 1,000 mile trail to Nome.  

Getting twenty one active, athletic Alaskan Huskies to stand still for blood to be drawn, lay down on the EKG table, and sit on the scale is quite a chore.  They’re much more interested in getting snuggles from the veterinarians and trying to climb on all the expensive equipment to check out what we humans are so interested in.  All in all it took us about two hours to get all their hearts checked and blood drawn, and another hour today at T Rose Vet Clinic to get a physical for everyone and get all their weights.  But, thanks to the stellar ITC vet staff and Tamara’s years of experience we were able to get through all the tests and exams with ease.

Fire getting her blood drawn

Kindi getting an EKG

Coot getting an EKG

Calamity Jane getting her blood drawn